12 Facts about Drinking Water

The amount of water on earth is finite

The earth is a closed
system. The same
water that existed
on the earth millions
of years ago is
still present today.

Access to drinking water is limited

Today over
1.1 billion people
lack access
to drinking water.

Drinking water is good for our health

Drinking adequate
amounts of water
can reduce risks
of colon, bladder
and breast cancer
and can reduce joint
and back pain.

Water increases our energy levels

A lack of water is
the main cause
of daytime fatigue.
Drinking water
leads to increased
energy levels.

Impact of bottled water production

Water bottle
production uses
17 million barrels
of oil a year.

The truth about bottled water

A recent study
that tested popular
brands of bottled
found 38 different
harmful chemicals
in 10 brands
of bottled water.

Drinking water improves concentration

A 2% drop in body
water can trigger
fuzzy short-term
memory, trouble
with basic math and
difficulty focusing
on a screen or page.

Water is vital for human survival

A human can survive
for about a month
without food, but
only five to seven
days without water.

A healthy, effective nutrition carrier

Water effectively
carries chemicals,
mineralsĀ and
nutrients through
the human body.

Usable water sources are limited

If all the world's
water was placed inĀ a
gallon jug, its fresh
usable water would
equal only about
one tablespoon.

Thirst and water loss

By the time a
person feels thirst,
his or her body
has already lost
over 1% of its total
water amount.

A leafy water source

One tree releases
265 liters (70 gallons)
of water per day
in evaporation.