The Strauss Water vision is all about improving people’s lives by creating wonders out of water. This vision doesn’t stop at our customers – just as important is creating wonders for our employees every day, so  that they arrive at work each morning with renewed purpose and creativity. The Strauss Water workplace, whether in Israel, the UK, China or anywhere else, is an exciting and stimulating place to be. Our work  environment is diverse. You’ll meet and work with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities with a wide range of skills and expertise.


No matter what role, no matter what location, our people have the same passion and drive, to think innovatively, to look to the future, and to be a dynamic part of a growing company. We offer you the potential to develop with our exciting team and work in a global environment which encourges professional and personal development. This includes training, coaching, on-the-job development and excellent opportunities for developing your own internal career path.

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  • "I started working at Strauss Water three years ago as a sales trainer. My career development was quick and today I support our business units and implement global learning systems."

    Danielle Zilbershtein, Global Learning & Development Manager, Strauss Water

  • "One week I enjoy drinking tea with Andy, our AS manager at Strauss Water China; and the week after, chatting with Sebastian, our partner in Costa Rica, over lunch."

    Meni Berci, Global Technical Support Manager, Strauss Water

  • "I go to work every day feeling that I'm doing something meaningful."

    Golden Zhang, Marcom Manager, Haier Strauss Water China

  • “The experience gained of working in a dynamic environment is extremely valuable and unique”

    Katy Bage, Management Accountant, Virgin Strauss Water UK