Meet Our Management Team

Dror Morad, VP Strategy, Marketing & Product Development

"Once people have a Strauss Water product in their home, they become dedicated advocates of our products. This shows that we add meaningful value to their lives."


Gur Zamir, CFO

"As costs fall and demand rises, home water technology will become more responsive to our individual needs and smart water supply will be integral in all new homes."


Dalia Nessimi, VP HR 

"We are committed to providing quality drinking water, one of the precious resources on earth.  It obliges us being authentic, operating from a place of sensitivity and integrity while listening to the needs of our employees, customers and all of our stakeholders ."


Ronen Zohar, CEO Strauss Water

"We work as a team, using the wide range of abilities within the team to strengthen each person and together to imagine the impossible and to turn it into reality."


Haim Wilder, CTO

"We are taking advanced technologies, adapting them to the most basic ingredient – water – and trying to solve one of the world’s greatest problems - lack of safe drinking water."


Yaniv Shirazi , CEO-Strauss Water Israel

"People don't drink enough water. We believe that the key to change is trough POU solutions which  are aligned with global consumer trends"


Joanna Guo, MD Strauss Water China

"Our products are changing the way people look at water and improving their health."


Carmela Avner, VP Operation and IT

"Water is the source of life, We want to be the source of quality water for a healthy life style."