Filtering out the bad, keeping the good

Our water is free of contaminants, chlorine, bad tastes and odors.

How do we do this? An active carbon filter removes chemical contaminants originating from your water sources and ‎water ‎pipes, and improves taste and odor by adsorbing the chlorine from the water. It also gets rid of sand, rust, and small stones – none of which you’d want swimming in the water you and your family drink. The active carbon filter is of the highest standard. It removes 97.5% of the chlorine from the water, exceeding the International NSF standard of 50%. It also filters 99.9% of particles, which also goes beyond the NSF standard of 85%. While our carbon filter removes the contaminants you don’t want, it makes sure to leave the healthy minerals so that you and your family aren’t only drinking clean water, but healthy water too.