Takes out the Bad, Keeps in the Good

We believe that healthy drinking water cannot be compromised. This is why we invested years of research in developing the MAZE integrated purification technology. It’s the only drinking water technology that takes out the bad and keeps in the good.

Our water includes an abundance of the natural minerals and salts our bodies need, but can also contain dirt, chemicals, bacteria, metals and substances originating at the water source or in old piping. The Strauss Water MAZE purifier treats every drop of water until it is completely and effectively purified. It removes harmful contaminants, improves taste and eliminates odors. At the same time MAZE retains all the healthy minerals and salts essential to our bodies, such as calcium and magnesium, all in a compact, smart design.

Here’s how it works

The Maze purifier, protected by international patents, is designed effectively to guarantee that every drop of water flowing through is being treated.

How? A unique shaped maze structure contains chambers with active substances. Each chamber treats a different group of contaminants individually. By controlling the water flow rate in each compartment, MAZE is able to allocate the appropriate and required amount of treatment time to each group of contaminants and ensure optimal purification levels.

Safety and quality from the first to last drop

The MAZE purifier offers a consistent purification level throughout its life span. It is self-controlled and self-monitored with an advanced, integrated monitor that automatically shuts off the purifier when it no longer provides safe water. This ensures you will always enjoy high quality, safe water without any risk.