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Bubble Water

The BubblePLUS is the most advanced water bar in the world. Combining the dispensing of purified Hot and Cold water with high quality Sparkling Water dispense, all in a compact and great looking product.

Dispense channels: Hot, Cold, Mix, Sparkling Water

Flow rate: 1.5 L/min

Heating power: 1800W with "Smart Heating"

Clear, Intuitive graphical user interface

3 Sparkling Water carbonation levels

Preset hot, cold or mix cup volume for one touch dispense

3 Levels of

The BubblePLUS's unique single serve carbonation technology assures that each cup of sparkling water comes out fresh and tasting great. With 3 levels of carbonation to choose from, it caters to all sparkling water lovers.


Height: 36.3 cm

Width: 31.8 cm

Depth: 43.3 cm


The Bar's CO2 cylinder is dispensable, which means no return of the cylinder is needed. Customers can purchase as many as they want and simply discard the empty cylinder into aluminum recycling bin.



The BubblePLUS is the only bar to utilize a "Smart Heating" function, which learns the usage patterns of the consumer and boils the water only when needed. This feature reduced unneeded energy consumption and increases the BubblePLUS's reliability.