T7 Primo


Cold Water
Hot Water
Mix Water

The T7 Connect serves as an important addition to Strauss water's current product portfolio, targeting current and new consumer segments seeking a high quality water bar integrated with smartphone connectivity that provides value added features & functionality, all aimed to improve the water drinking experience through innovative UI and new forms of usability.

Dispense channels: Hot, Cold and Mix

Flow rate: 1.2 L/min

Heating power: 2000W

Preset hot, cold or mix cup volume for one touch dispense

Bluetooth connection


The app fit the available T7 (Primo) feature set via Bluetooth technology  and provide additional value to customer through new features operated via remote access thus improving usability and convenience:

- Remote boiling

- Monitoring family water consumption

- Changing settings / personal settings

The T7 has been launched in 2017  in Israel.


Height: 37cm

Width: 36cm

Depth: 31cm