Our water technologies make water safe and easy. They turn unreliable into reliable, cold into hot, complicated into simple, ordinary into extraordinary.

We have multiple patents in water treatment and purification, heating and cooling and holds numerous global quality assurance standards.


We believe that healthy drinking water cannot be compromised. This is why we invested years of research in developing the MAZE integrated purification technology. This innovative drinking water technology takes out the bad and keeps in the good.

Our water includes an abundance of the natural minerals and salts our bodies need, but can also contain dirt, chemicals, bacteria, metals and substances originating at the water source or in old piping. The Strauss Water MAZE purifier’s series treats the water until it is effectively purified. It removes harmful contaminants, improves taste and eliminates odors. At the same time the MAZE technology retains the healthy minerals and salts essential to our bodies, such as calcium and magnesium, all in a compact, smart design.


Here’s how it works

In the MAZE purifier’s series, there are two types of solutions. One, uses a unique shaped maze structure contains chambers with active substances. The other, has a unique combination of technologies and materials that carry active substances.

The Maze purifiers, protected by international patents, are designed to guarantee that every drop of water flowing through is being effectively and efficiently treated.


Safety and quality from the first to last drop

The MAZE purifier’s series offers a consistent purification level throughout its life span. Our solutions are tested according to the highest quality standards and comply with strict international regulations. This ensures that you and your family will enjoy high quality, safe, tasty and clear water.

More Technologies

UV Purification

The Purifying Power of Light

We use a UV (Ultra Violet) Lamp in our products, which eliminate 99.99% water-borne bacteria and ‎micro-organism that can build up in water.

How do we do this? UV light actually stops bacterial microorganisms from reproducing by disrupting their DNA. That’s good for you because it means that you can enjoy purified, clean water without running the risk of some of the bacterial diseases carried by water.

The UV Lamp doesn’t affect your drinking water’s quality, taste or odor. In our products the UV lamp works with an active carbon filter to remove a wide range of chemical and biological ‎contaminants while retaining all the water’s healthy minerals


Co2 Cylinder

When innovation meeting consumer needs.

The Bubble PLUS CO2 cylinder technology was designed to meet consumer’s daily needs while offering an innovative and convenient solution for consuming tasty sparkling water.

The Co2 cylinder is disposable, which means no return of the cylinder is needed. Customers can purchase as many cylinders as they want and simply discard the empty cylinder into aluminum recycling bin.

The Bubble PLUS CO2 cylinder was designed in-house and maintains the highest industry standards – ISO 11118 certified, at TUV (European standard).


Smart Heating

No need to wait for boiling water any more.

The Smart Heating feature enables users to enjoy Hot beverages at their convenience without the hassle of waiting for the water to boil.

Smart Heating was designed to learn your daily Hot water consumption patterns and make sure your water bar is ready to dispense Hot water whenever you desire. 

Not only does the Smart Heating feature offer ultimate convenience and time saving, it reduces unnecessary energy consumption and maintains your water bar reliability.

The Smart heating feature is currently available with the Bubble Plus product.