Vision &

Vision &


Our Mission

Our Vision: Creating wonders out of water
Water is the source of life, the most basic, transparent and essential element of our being. Wherever we live, however we live, water is central to our existence and to our quality of life. 

We promise to improve people’s lives by creating wonders out of water. 

We believe that wonder is not merely a construction of basic components. It must have something extra - an experience. This is why we are here - to improve people’s lives by creating the best water experience.

We aim to bring water to life and reshape the way people drink water. This drives us ‎every day to ensure Strauss Water customers have a constant supply of top quality water, and an exciting user ‎experience. This is what strengthens our commitment to building and sustaining long ‎lasting relationships.

Together with our partners, we create a tastier, healthier, easier and more exciting water drinking experience, so we can make sure you always have  great tasting, hot and cold ‎water that meets you and your family’s daily drinking water needs.


Our Values

Caring & Daring: Caring means paying close attention to our consumers, customers, employees, partners and the communities we operate in. Daring is the ability to act bravely, taking risks to advance significant change.

Passion & Responsibility: Our passion is the joy of creation, our genuine desire for food, the delight of giving, our need to nourish others. Taking responsibility makes us dedicated to advancing our vision, reaching our consumers and society as a whole. We act with responsibility and passion for everything we do.

Team: We create winning teams where every player is a key player. We treat our team members with trust and mutual respect. Beyond our own employees, we advance partnerships as a way to increase the scope and scale of our activity and create greater value for society.


Corporate responsibility

At Strauss Water, responsibility is not just a slogan; it’s an integral part of our everyday business activity of making clean water accessible.

We look for ways to make a positive impact through whatever we do, giving to our communities and sharing our ideas and innovations, to do our part in making the world around us a better place.

It’s important to us to make an impact not only in the places we operate in but also through our relationships with our customers, employees, communities, and all stakeholders.